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Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs
"Our goal is to present the diversity of Manitoba's First Nations in a more thorough and evenly balanced light and provide you with a First Nations view on the factors that make all of us different and unique, yet united as one, in our journey toward self government.
It is our hope to provide the public with accurate and useful information that will inspire further reading and help correct any/all misconceptions that may still exist in our informed society. These sources will be derived from the most current and accurate publications available, with reference to these sources made available on our web site".

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (Federal Government)
"In general, AANDC has primary, but not exclusive, responsibility for meeting the federal government's constitutional, treaty, political and legal responsibilities to First Nations, Inuit and Northerners. To fulfill this mandate, AANDC must work collaboratively with First Nations, Inuit and Northerners, as well as with other federal departments and agencies, provinces and territories. Increasingly, AANDC's role has become one of facilitating change and bringing together the partners and interests needed to implement Gathering Strength - Canada's Aboriginal Action Plan".

Maps of treaties through time
"This series of maps illustrates the historical evolution of Canada through treaty-making between 1867 and 1999, focusing on the Numbered Treaties. The Numbered Treaties were negotiated between the Dominion of Canada and the First People who inhabited newly-acquired western territories. The maps are available in pdf".

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada: Treaty Information
"The Historic Treaty Information site has been created by the Treaty Policy Directorate of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (TPD, AANDC) to make more readily accessible a number of resources relating to historic treaties. The site contains historical research reports, images, maps, bibliographies and other resources pertaining to the more than 70 historic treaties negotiated between 1701 and 1923".

Indian and Northern Affairs Annual Reports, 1864-1990 (with Library and Archives Canada)
"The Indian Affairs Annual Reports collection was first issued on CD-ROM in 1997. Through a cooperative effort between the former National Library of Canada and the Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development, the full text of these annual reports is now available on the Web. We hope that users will find the reports a rich resource for historical research".

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada: Aboriginal Place Names, July 2001

An Evolving Terminology Relating to Aboriginal Peoples in Canada



Manitoba Aboriginal and Northern Affairs
Vision and Mission include: "An improved quality of life and opportunities for Manitoba's Aboriginal and northern people", and "better services, opportunities and results for Manitoba's Aboriginal and northern people".


Southern Chiefs Organization (SCO)


Manitoba Keewatinowi Okimakanak Inc. (MKO)

International Indian Treaty Council
The International Indian Treaty Council (IITC) is an organization of Indigenous Peoples from North, Central, South America, the Caribbean and the Pacific working for the Sovereignty and Self Determination of Indigenous Peoples and the recognition and protection of Indigenous Rights, Treaties, Traditional Cultures and Sacred Lands


Crown First Nations Gathering January 24, 2012

The Manitoba First Nations Education Resource Centre (MFNERC)
"...established in 1999, was given a mandate by the Chiefs of Manitoba to provide second and third level education services to fifty-five First Nations schools in Manitoba".


Aboriginal Relations Branch
Mandate: "Set the overall direction for the Department for programs, policies, and legislation that impact or may impact Treaty and Aboriginal rights. Be accountable for the development and implementation of a departmental framework to address Aboriginal issues as they relates to the Department; and Educate, facilitate dialogue, and bridge opposing views and philosophies".

Treaty and Aboriginal Rights Research (TARR) Centre of Manitoba, Inc


Centre for Indigenous Environmental Research (CIER)
A national, First Nation-directed environmental non-profit organization with charitable status. CIER was established in 1994 by a group of First Nation Chiefs from across Canada. Through programs, they take action on climate change, building sustainable communities, protecting lands and waters, and conserving biodiversity (adapted from website).
They have an e-library and publications/links to other sources of information concerning Indigenous Knowledge and the environment


The Manitoba Indian Cultural Education Centre-The People's Library
"The Centre operates a unique Resource Library and Information Centre relating to the First Nation Peoples of Manitoba as well as other Indigenous Peoples of North America. Our resource centre has a substantial collection of books, publications, films, educational kits, audio-visual tapes, music, art and handicrafts inherent to the Aboriginal Peoples of North America. The Resource Library and Information Centre are instrumental in promoting library services to Bands that expressed an interest in establishing a library. We also provide specialized assistance to those who already have a library".


Native American Tribes of Manitoba
This website also connects to information about First Nation languages, culture and selected links on Native American Indian Tribes


Manitoba Association of Friendship Centres
"The Manitoba Association of Friendship Centres (MAC) was established in 1971 as a non-profit body to represent the concerns of the growing number of Friendship Centres in Manitoba. As a Provincial Territorial Association (PTA) MAC now represents 10 Centres at Provincial and National forums".


Treaty Land Entitlement Committee of Manitoba
"The Manitoba Treaty Land Entitlement Framework Agreement was signed by the Treaty Land Entitlement Committee of Manitoba Inc. (representing 20 First Nations), Canada and Manitoba on May 29, 1997 at the Opaskwayak Cree Nation. This agreement is intended to provide land to the 20 First Nations, fulfilling a long-standing commitment arising from the numbered Treaties signed between Canada and the First Nations between 1871 and 1910."


Manitoba Wildlands: Aboriginal Rights and Title


University of Manitoba, YouManitoba’s Channel
Series of eight videos on Aboriginal Law













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"My Father: a long time has passed since first we came upon our lands; and our people have all sunk into their graves. They had sense. We are all young and foolish, and do not wish to do anything that they would not approve, were they living. We are fearful we shall offend their spirits if we sell our lands; and we are fearful we shall offend you if we do not sell them. This has caused us great perplexity of thought, because we have counselled among ourselves, and do not know how we can part with our lands.” - Metea, a Potowatami Chief of the Illinois Nation



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