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Mitch Daigneault

At an early age, Mitch began playing guitar and quickly found a love for music. During that time, Mitch began songwriting and focused more on performing. Mitch entered numerous talent shows with great results, which began a new chapter and a career hunt. Being a part of the various country shows brought great exposure and experience performing on a live stage. During this time, Mitch took the next logical step and enrolled in the Recording Workshop in Chillicothe, Ohio, where he received a certificate in recording engineering. In 1997, Mitch began a 7-year gig with the C-weed Band in which he sang and played lead guitar. Since then, the C-weed Band has recorded the CD, Run As One in which Mitch wrote two of the songs and played guitar on each of the CD’s tracks. The album received a Juno nomination in 2000 for Best Music of Aboriginal Canada.
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In April of 2002, Mitch recorded and produced his first solo CD. The title track, Keep On Believing has received generous airplay on Aboriginal radio stations across Canada, such as CFWE from Edmonton, Alberta and Missinippi Broadcasting Corporation from La Ronge, Saskatchewan. Substantial airplay on NCI Radio from Winnipeg, Manitoba that broadcasts to 95% of Manitoba, landed the song on the Aboriginal Top 30 for a substantial number of weeks which resulted in a nomination for single of the year by the radio station based on airplay being in the top three for the year. In November of 2003, Mitch won the award for Best Country Album for the CD “Keep On Believing” at the 2003 Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards held in Toronto. He was also nominated in the categories of Best Male Artist and Best Songwriter.








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