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This Network is dedicated to educating and sharing our Native Cultures with the World. It is not enough for us to teach our own the ways of our elders. We must share and educate the World with our traditional ceremonies and hereditary wisdom to help inspire our keepers of tradition--Our Children.


I enjoy learning about our Native Cultures that differ from region to region. I have accumulated a large collection of Native America material that should be witness by all. My goal is to find the best ways to share it all with you.


Ultimately, I would love to create a website where all the text is written from quotes of our leaders and Ancestors. Vision a site where you can review any topic (creator, medicine, legends, weapons) and read the perspective of our great leaders, past and present. For example, you will be able to go to the page dedicated to women and read quotes, prayers and perspective of our ancestors with a wealth of links and resources for inspiration. you may not appreciate this, but I promise you that there are many who do.

... This whole project eternized with a particular experience I had during a bike ride in 2012. I'll share the experience soon. Let's put it this way, I asked (or prayed if you may) for a direct indisputable sign from above and I got it without a doubt! This should explain why I spend thousands of hours on this project for no apparent reason.


Areas of interest


Regional Cultures:
In this section you'll find the material that is particular to this region. I believe it is important for the world to know the difference between the Native America's Culturial Regions. You can enter any of the regions and learn about their way of life. I intent to add legend, resources, artist, maps, land claims, videos and so much more to every Culture Region.


Individual Pages:
I consider every page a blank canvas that needs our input... I am always searching to internet for something better. On my cyber travels I find a multitude of remarkable material that must be shared. In my attempt to preserve these unique findings, I set up a page dedicated to that thought. For example, I find interesting legends, paintings and photos regarding a particular topic like Eagles, so I dedicated a page to that topic. Now whenever I see something in respect to Eagles, I add it that that particular page. Please feel free to add your material to the page that it's best suited for.


Content of pages:
I have designed ever page with a comment section where anyone can contribute content to help build this site. For example, if you own a picture of Crazy Horse, well go to the page about Crazy Horse to share it in the comment section... or ... if you have a piece of native art that your would like to be shared on a legend then post it on the particular legend it is best suited for.



There are still dozens of videos available, mainly in the Cultural region section. I discontinued the actual video section because youtube was removing any video that was shared there. I still have stored hundreds of videos but I am searching for the best way to share them... Thanks for your interest in the Video section @ Ya-Native.


Website Updates:

I am constantly trying new plug gins and applications to find better ways to share material with you. That is why you may experience temporary congestions with website delays. I am definitely going to launch some amazing website upgrades for Networking purposes. I am also planning to share some very controversial material later this year. Stay tuned for an unbelievable year that will put Ya-Native in front as the leader of the pack.


Images & Pictures:
All the images and photos on this entire network have been randomly collected over the years. According to the man-made laws of copyrights, ya-native is not responsible for anything you see ... In my opinion, it is difficult to understand how our ancestors didn't believe it was right to sell the land we walk on, air we breath or and water we drink but there's these new age natives who believe in the man-made laws, they believe they own the rights to what we see---Copyrights ...



Thank you all for taking the time to send me your kind thoughts and words of wisdom. I appreciate each and every message and I wish I had the time to reply to them all. I do eventually read them all but, it is time consuming to answer any emails because it usually leads to a conversation which takes time away from the project... It is a great way to get your material shared on the network though... Thanks for your help.



Please remember that donations are the only source of funding, without your generous support this project would not be possible. I am sincerely grateful to all those that are able to contribute and I will continue to spend hours every day to share our cultures with the World.


The Ya-Native Social Media Network is designed to give credit for all Native American material. If you are an artist of any sort please consider a profile to help me review your online material so I can share it with the world.


In a perfect world, I would have 10 employees, working two shifts trying to provide credit where credit is due. Unfortunately I am a one-manned show. I do not have the extra time to track down the artists involved, confirm, apply for their approval and then wait for their reply.


The primary section of the Ya-Native Social Media Network is Profiles. It is designed to facilitate profiles of artists and performers of Native America. in the near future this section will be self edit, so profiles can be updated by their owners themselves. it will also act as a pool of Native American talent where I can share from. this method has proven successful and I look forward to the self-editing profile implementation.


Negative Comments:
.... if you leave negative comments, others will not share the posts and that defeats the purpose of this network ... the only remedy for the negativity is to ban it from the Ya-Native network ... thanks for your understanding and cooperation ...


Reasons for banning;
All I ask is for the viewer to respect this network as much as he/she respects our native cultures. If I had one rule it would be to

... share what you love, don't bash what you hate ...


Spamming will get you banned! Please share your relevant material but don't share a picture of your kitten on the page dedicated to Jim Thorpe.


Please consider that this entire network is operated by one person and I review every opinion at least ten times each. Banning is my only statement. Don't be negative and demanding ...


Thank you to everyone for your continuing support.

This entire network relies on your participation to make it work. Your likes, shares and comments are key to the success of the Ya-Native Social Media Network. I would appreciate your help or guidance whenever possible.




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Regional Cultures @ Ya-Native.com

This is a section will contain the appropriate content including tributes, legends, videos, and art work that originates from that region.


An Injustice to one is an Injustice to all.

Ask an Elder @ Ya-Native.com

Here's an interactive blog where we can 'Ask the Elders.'


Ya-Native Facebook Profiles & Pages

The Ya-Native Network has a huge facebook presents to promote Native American interests.



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