December 29, 2017


The ultimate goal of the Ya-Native Social Network is to make the most important website for Native America. The vision is to set up a user friendly Social Network where individuals can upload and share any data the will help save to Native American Cultures.

In order for this to happen I need Trademark expenses, incorporating expenses, legal fees and I must find a high-end programmer. These expenses are astronomical for an individual as myself.


I have recently implemented an online store to help offset the overwhelming expenses to make such a Social Network. You can read more about this project at Reamus Wilson's Online Stores.


Primary Network

This network is the largest of the three social media networks that encompasses the Ya-Native Social Network. When fully operational it reaches to well over 8 million weekly viewers.



NativeAmericans @ Myspace

and there's soo much more ...

Thank you all so much for your continuing support.


The Ya-Native Social Media Network is designed to uplift our Native Cultures and share our inherited traditions with the World. Hundreds of our First Nations and most of our First Nations Cultures will sustain irreversible damage as we enter into the seventh generation. No matter how hard we try to sustain our traditions, time is taking a toll on our oral history of legends, song, dance, and art--which encompasses our First Nations culture..

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Our best and most effective tool we have to save our cultures is you- the individuals that would like to learn the ways of the 'Red Road'.


The individuals who would like to learn more from the Native American Cultures will stimulate the demand for knowledge which is held by the "keepers of traditions," our children.

I know whenever I experience exceptional talent I am inspired on many levels. Unfortunately, I do not have an artistic eye, confidence or talent to create traditional work which I appreciate most of our history, but my acquired skill set provides me with an advance ability to share our cultures with the world, thus 'Ya-Native Social Media Network.'


This particular project is definitely being guided by great spirits. I will share my 'bone-chillin' experiences that will define what I meant by this project being, "guided by Great Spirits."


I would especially like to give a huge shout out and thank you to all those who have provided financial support by donating to the Ya-Native network. Stay tuned for more details.


Thanks for your time...




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Special Thanks

One of the greatest blessings that are received from this project are the individuals that can afford and who take the time to contribute to the Ya-Native Network.

October, 2017

Roger Kirchofer

Barry Matthews

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September, 2017

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August, 2017

Alejandro Palleroni

Carmel Gerdsen

Patricia Pyle

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July, 2017

Patricia Pyle

Carolyn Cassady

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June, 2017

Barry Matthews

Andrew Davis

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May, 2017

Alejandro Palleroni

Timothy Jordan

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April, 2017

Alan Segeti

Barry Matthews

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March, 2017

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Donn M Wolff

Liz Belair Plante

Febuary, 2017

Donald Hopson

Sharon Hawkins

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January, 2017

Barry Matthews

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December, 2016

Jamie Hawkins

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November, 2016

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October, 2016

Barry Matthews

Barry Matthews

September, 2016

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Barry Matthews

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August, 2016

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Karen Massey

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July, 2016

Cheryl Schaffner

Christa Tessa

Barry Matthews

Maria Azhar

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June, 2016

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Barry Matthews

May, 2016

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Barry Matthews

April, 2016

Barry Matthews

Fred Olav Kassem

Linda Wefel

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March, 2016

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Febuary, 2016

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January, 2016

Diane Domino

Fred Mason

Shelly Wilson-Medeiros

December, 2015

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Paul Rodey

stephen mullett

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Noverber, 2015

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Kaylene Peters

Jacqueline V Heidorn

Alistair Paton

October, 2015

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September, 2015

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August, 2015

Elizabeth Crawford

J. Lance Parker

Christine Eaton Jones

Donn M Wolff

July, 2015

Devin Hexner

Catriona Vignoles

Marian E Jefferson

Donn M Wolff

June, 2015

Mark Mickles

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May, 2015

Arizona Flutes

Patrcia Heywood

Jenna Denise Muncy

Jennifer Long

Elizabeth Cooper

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April, 2015

ThinLine Global

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March, 2015

Vicki Bolinsky-Smith

Christopher Arnold

Renee Reinhart

Patrica Golden

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Elizabeth Cooper

February, 2015

Nerica Ellerman

Marilyn Marthaler

Laura Gutmane

Brion Greene

Johanna Taggart

Barbara Segeti

Annegret Dr. Keller

Donn M Wolff

January, 2015

Lois Xenakis

Heath of the Matter

Roger Haller

Patrica Tahu

Mary Storm

Barbara Segeti

Robert Moraux

Charles Collins

Tammy Guerrero

Marie Bl√łnd

Gabriele Kunz

Donn M Wolff

December, 2014

Laura Gutmane

Paul Collins

Phil Tinley

Tanya Aguirre

Rebecca Pittenger

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Heather Mills

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November, 2014

Henry Kemplin jr

Lindsay Robinson


Ben Dangerfield

October, 2014

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LightLine Communications

September, 2014

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Patricia Fricken

August, 2014

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July, 2014

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March, 2014

Karen Lenn

Cantherine Frenette

Beverly Jamison

Kenneth Skirtz

Janet Parfitt

Elizabeth Duff

Febrary, 2014

Lynn Macarthur

January, 2014

Heather Smith

Robert Halper

Steve Schimp

Jan - Dec 2013

Claudia Prather

james golden

Henry Kemplin jr

David Townsend

James golden

Patricia Turner

Michael Williams


Gabriele May

Bambi Tucker

Images and Ideas

Suzan Holsomback

bill schaaf

rhonda duffy

Stevphen L Perkins

Torben Faarup

David Townsend

Nancy Keen

Home and Cat Creations

Thomas Geiger

Jane McDonald

Kathy Martel

Miguel Puig

Joy Gibson

Staria Pelkey

Matthew Uribe

Illusionary Creations

John Suriano

Fleur Marshall

James Sizemore

Roberto Capodiec

Kay Murphy

Jan Hall

Kristin Knudsen

Jan - Dec 2012

Jamie Haden

Michael Capobianco

Steve Citty

Madeleine Nist

William Condon

Beth Meadows

Jerry Beeman

Anina Thomsen

Birma Magnusdottir


thank you so much and your contributions mean the world to me ... blessings to all of you who have helped me make this project happen.

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"When a child my mother taught me the legends of our people; taught me of the sun and sky, the moon and stars, the clouds and storms. She also taught me to kneel and pray to Usen for strength, health, wisdom, and protection. We never prayed against any person, but if we had aught against any individual we ourselves took vengeance. We were taught that Usen does not care for the petty quarrels of men."

- Geronimo [Goyathlay], Chiracahua Apache



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