We must Unite!


1. Protect Mother Earth!

Protecting the land, water and air must be our priority. Even if there is no one to guide you, you must find it in your own heart to do the right thing.


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Tar Sands



Enbridge verses First Nations


United States

Keystone Pipeline System



2. Tribes helping Tribes!

We must start by uniting all the people. It is important that the Native population help one another, but it is just as important that we except any and all guidance to promote our cultures.


We should start with our strongest and wealthiest Nations who must look forward and assist their less fortunate sister Nations.


We are at that time where we must all Unite to Protect our Mother Earth.


We all can not afford to sit by and hope that our elected leaders do the right thing. We the people need to do what is right.


Please help me with your guidance and support to make this happen. I plan to build this Network, so everyone can take part in this movement. I can already reach over 3 million individuals every week.


We are out of time and we must do the right thing--Now!



We must learn to help any of our sister Nations against any wrong doing against our Mother earth.





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