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Thank you so much for all your continuing support. I am so happy that I made responsive. I did have to simplify the pages, but in return you can share the content easier then ever. I plan to add more content as I find the best ways to share it with the world.


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Here's a different approach to share our cultures. Each outlined region of the Native America map below has it's own cultures due to the surrounding environments.


Click the your desired Cultural Region that you would like to learn about. This will narrow our focus to a particular Region. I will populated each section with information and resources regarding the local First Nations. Please like, share and comment whenever possible.


Culifornia Culture REgion Great Bison Culture Region Northwest Coast Culture - Click here to learn about the different crafts and Nations in this area. Southwest Culture REgion Artic Culture Region Subartic Culture Region - Click here to find out more about the Nations and the way of life in the Subartic Region.




I added well over 400 protest related images for everybody to share. Help spread the word to all our relations...


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... the images can be found in the 'Take Action' section of this site.




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Thank you very much for your time and kind thoughts. I am sincerely grateful for the enormous fan base that the Ya-Native Social Media Network has accumulated over the past few months.


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