Cultural Regions


I have sorted the legends, videos, tributes and resources into there own regions to better explain our cultures.


Please feel free to add resources to the bottom of any page you are referring to. The main goal to share our Cultures with the world.

The long-term plan of Ya-Native is to add thousands of legends, videos, e-books, resources, directories, editable profiles, and what ever else comes across my path that may interest you.

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Encyclopedia of Native American Tribes


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Encyclopedia of Native American Tribes




Story of the Wildcat Clan

The Origin of Earth

Grandmother's Creation Story

In the beginning


Symbolism of the Eagle Feather


Ataga'hi The Enchanted Lake

The Bear Man

The Mother Bear's Song

The Bird Tribes

The Bride From The South

The Bullfrog Lover

The Water Cannibals

The Race Between The Crane & The Hummingbird

How the Deer Got His Horns

Why The Deer's Teeth Are Blunt

Origin Of Fish And Frogs

Flint Visits the Rabbit

The Four-footed Tribes

Untsaiyi' The Gambler

The Origin of Game and of Corn

The Slant-Eyed Giant

Origin Of The Groundhog Dance

The Ignorant Housekeeper

The Deluge

The Hunter And The Buzzard

Little People of the Cherokee

The Call of the Owl

Origin of Disease and Medicine

The Bear Man

The Legend of the First Woman

The Stone-Shield

Grandmother Spider Steals the Sun

Why the Opossum's Tail is Bare

The First Fire

Legend of the Cherokee Rose

The Huhu Gets Married

The Hunter and the Dakwa

The Ice Man

The Return of Ice Man

Kana'sta The Lost Settlement

The Katydid's Warning

How The Kingfisher Got His Bill

Two Lazy Hunters

The Great Leech Of Tlanusi'yi

Marriage of the North and the South

The Origin of Medicine

The Two Mohawks

Why The Mole Lives Underground

The Moon And The Thunders

Nun'yunu'wi The Stone Man

The Two Old Men

How The Rabbit Stole The Otter's Coat

The Owl Gets Married

The Underground Panthers

How the Partridge Got His Whistle

Origin Of The Pheasant Dance

The Legend Of Pilot Knob

Origin Of The Pleiades And The Pine

What Became Of The Rabbit

The Rabbit Dines The Bear

The Rabbit Goes Duck Hunting

The Rabbit Escapes From The Wolves

The Rattlesnake's Vengeance

The Red Man And The Uktena

The Eagle's Revenge

Agan-uni'tsi's Search For The Uktena

The Hunter And Selu

The Snake Boy

The Snake Man

The Spirit Defenders Of Nikwasi'

The Nunne'hi And Other Spirit Folk


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